Mineral Therapy

A very Natural approch

What is Mineral Therapy?

using Macrominerals  & Trace elements as catalysts to maintain physciological functions & restore the body's health.

 A very minute doses of  nano  minerals  in bio-available forms that are rapidly absorbed sublingually for therapeutic support, supplementing the necessary minerals for enzymatic functions. These nano bio-available elements work by normalizing enzyme and hormonal functions in order to regulate homeostasis of the body. 
Most minerals are taken in concentrated form which cannot be found their way in the single cell.
The healing method of mineral therapy enhance 100% absorption due to their diluting substances in a very technical extraction that is based on potentization techniques. Therefore, these nano minerals are taken in blood circulation to human single cells better when absorbed through the mouth mucus membrane for the functional & therapeutic effects. They act at he cellular level and work rapidly to alleviate a wide variety symptoms.

Mineral therapy is a method of providing the body with the ions it cannot synthesize and which are indispensable for cellular enzymatic functions. This functional therapeutic modality requires the use of trace elements in precisely measured, small doses in a highly bioavailable form. These trace elements are co-factors in a multitude of biochemical reactions where they accelerate the speed of these reactions without ever modifying the important equilibrium that exists and that must reign within the body to maintain optimum health.
According to French physician Dr. Jacques Menetrier demonstrated that mineral therapy could be used in the treatment of biochemical dysfunctions. Mineral Therapy is widely recognized throughout Europe as a powerful modality for treating a multitude of diseases, some of which include bacterial infections, cardiovascular disease, respiratory infections, circulatory disorders and neurological conditions.  natural vitality.


Benefits of Mineral Therapy

Clinical experience has shown that mineral therapy may be used to improve well being, and that the benefits include:

These Macro minerals and trace elements give structure to our organs, tissues, and bones, and help maintain fluid balance, pH balance, and membrane permeability.
Serve as biological catalysts that activates metabolism and enzymatic function at the cellular level
Provides essential nutrition to stop free radical activity which destroys bodily tissue
Enhances the movement of ions into and out of the cells
Removes heavy metals and reduces toxicity in connective tissue
Normalizes enzyme and hormonal functions in order to regulate homeostasis of the body
Supports coagulation of the blood, rhythmic functions of the heart and intestines, e.g. calcium
Regulates the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, e.g. cobalt
Controls membrane permeability, muscular contraction, nerve impulse condition and regulation of protein synthesis, e.g. magnesium



Almost all biological reactions require enzymes (biological catalysts) in order to occur at the rates the body needs for health and survival. Many enzymes depend on specific mineral co-factors for proper functioning. These minerals need to be present in extremely low concentrations, but they are absolutely vital to bio-regulation. These bio-available forms of macro & trace minerals are rapidly absorbed and work by normalizing enzyme and hormonal functions in order to regulate homeostasis in the body. 
Supplying these needed mineral co-factors at precise concentration unblocks diseased metabolic pathways, thus allowing the body’s healing mechanism to operate. Mineral therapy may also prepare the patient to respond more readily and successfully to other modalities. 
The ionized trace elements used within mineral therapy include Bismuth, Cobalt, Fluoride, Copper Chromium, Iodine, Lithium, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Sulphur, and Zinc (as well as various combinations). These supplements are low concentrations of specially prepared elements that are vital to regulation of various enzymatic functions. These  (nano trace minerals) when administered work at the cellular level to supply needed mineral co-factors at precise concentrations to unblock diseased metabolic pathways, thus allowing the body’s healing mechanisms to operate. 
Keeping the correct balance of trace elements throughout an organism is essential for enzymatic function, and a deficiency in any element may lead to a functional disorder. Trace-elements can be found in food, but also in pills and powdered drinkable solutions. It is recommended to take them 15 minutes before eating, and to ensure that a 15-20 minute break is taken between doses. 


E.g.). According to Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND 
Hypothyroidism needs at least nine minerals for a proper functioning of thyroid hormone.

E.g). According to a new study by Dr. Stephanie Seneff, pesticides in our food may be draining the manganese out of our bodies.
people with alopecia (autoimmune hair loss) 
  beside zinc and iron/ferritin needed manganese for hair loss.
 According to  Dr. Jeremy Kaslow:
“Trace Minerals International of Colorado examined the mineral metabolism of 19 patients with alopecia (hair loss). The spectrophotometric analysis showed manganese deficiency.

Most minerals come from metals, except for calcium, fluoride, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, and sulphur which are metalloids (non-metallic). 


1. Chrome
Insulin and chromium seem to work together to metabolize glucose, the body's main source of energy.
Brewer's yeast is rich in chromium.
Other sources exist, such as wheat germ, whole grain products, liver, cheese, chicken, mushrooms, peas and molasses.

2. Copper
Copper is essential for the formation of red blood cells, pigments of the skin, connective tissue and nerve fiber. It also promotes the absorption of iron.
Copper deficiency leads to anemia, cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis and many other disorders.
The liver is the richest source of copper.
The use of uncoated copper pans can lead to copper poisoning.
An excess of copper can cause serious liver disease and a deterioration of mental health.

3. Iodine
This mineral is a component of thyroid hormones.
Iodine deficiency can lead to goitre, a hypertrophy of the thyroid gland that produces a bulge in the neck. Some severe forms can lead to hypothyroidism.
In addition, iodine deficiency during pregnancy can lead to cretinism, severe mental retardation, in children.
Seafood, algae and vegetables grown in iodine-rich soils are good sources of this mineral.
Iodized salt is recommended in areas where the soil lacks iodine.

4. Iron
75% of the iron in the body is in the hemoglobin, a red blood cell pigment that carries oxygen.
Iron deficiency anemia is the most common nutritional deficiency in developed countries.
The consumption of non-haem iron associated with meat or vitamin C stimulates the absorption of this nutrient.
People with iron deficiency are teenagers, menstruating women, pregnant women, preschoolers, some athletes, and people with poor diets.

5. Selenium
Selenium, an important antioxidant, interacts with vitamin E to prevent free radicals produced during oxygen metabolism from damaging adipose tissue and other types of tissue.
The research examines the role of selenium in reducing the risk of lung cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer and colorectal cancer.
Selenium-rich foods include Brazil nuts, seafood, some meats and some fish, whole grain products, oats and brown rice.


6. Zinc
Zinc is necessary for certain metabolic processes, normal growth and sexual maturation, and a good immune system. 

aim to re-regulate the metabolism.

prepare the terrain of a patient for a more ready and successful response.

support and maximize the efficiency of plant medicine prescriptions.

possible Benefits:

Anxiety/Nervousness/Stress/Anxiety disorders
Aches and Pains
Circulation/Varicose Veins/Spider Veins
Muscle Cramps/Spasms
Sleep disorders/Insomnia
Restless Legs
Menstruation Complaints/Menopause
Stretch Marks
Hair & Nails
Prostate Problems
Acidity/Digestive Problems/Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Cracked Skin & Heels
Sports – Greater endurance and quicker recovery time


E.g.)  Calcium sulfuratum
Blood cleanser, heavy metal
Promotes: Elimination of oxidation and harmful substances
Benefits: Exhaustion with weight loss, amalgam poisoning (Mercury)

Calcium carbonicum
Ageing, mucosa
Helps: with chronic mucous membrane complaints, severe exhaustion, bones, kid's growth


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