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In general knee braces are support for a painful or injured knee; however some of us use them to prevent knee injuries during sports and heavy or high impact activities. There are tons of different knee braces in the market but in terms of structure and function we can put them in a few major groups:

  1. Supports, knee sleeves used for mild conditions, support or prevention

  2. Knee sleeves with semi flexible lateral supports used for mild to moderate conditions, also support or prevention

  3. Hinged knee braces; these braces are ideal for relieving osteoarthritis knee pain and other knee symptoms that result from arthritis. They also help with knee stability during walking and help encourage mobility in patients..

  4. Rehabilitative knee braces or after surgery braces

  5. Patellofemoral Support;These help the kneecap move smoothly over the knee joint.

For all the above your doctor's direction is highly recommended; however the first and second type of knee brace are usually sold over the counter at user's discretion.

Knee braces are made from a combination of metal, foam, plastic, elastic material and straps. They come in many sizes, colors and designs.

We provide a wide range of knee braces from off the shelf  to  custom foot braces for different uses such as sport/occupational injuries, after surgery and 

activities; whether you are an athlete, a nurse, Construction worker or your job requires a lot of standing on your feet.


Compression Knee sleeves

Compression Knee sleeves with stays

Hinged knee braces

Osteoarthritis Knee braces

Patellar control Knee braces

*some of the above may come with additional straps for fitting or wrap around.


  • Fractures. Any of the bones in or around  the knee can be fractured.

  • Anterior cruciate ligament injuries. 

  • Dislocation.

  • Meniscal tears. 

  • Bursitis. 

  • Tendinitis. 

  • Tendon tears. 

  • Collateral ligament injuries.

Private Clients

If you do not have extended health all you need is to book an appointment with us, we will examine and cast your foot and within a time frame of 2 to 3 weeks your orthotics are ready to go!

The price varies between CAD$ 350 to CAD$ 480.Rushed orders are available with an additional charge of CAD$ 30. No doctor referrals are needed for private clients

Clients With Benefits

Knee sleeves

In general Knee sleeves are not covered by insurers, however gradient compression knee sleeves may be covered under compression therapy by your benefits.

OTS knee braces

Off the shelf knee braces are covered by your insurance if they have a semi rigid or rigid support/ stay.

Custom knee braces

Creating a custom Knee brace that your insurance will pay for requires some documentation.


You will need:

  • Detailed Assessment Report  by our practitioner, in office, at your first appointment.

  • Doctor’s Referral: This must come from a medical doctor. It also requires a diagnosis using scientific terms (ie, “pes planus” instead of “flat feet”). You can get this from either a walk-in clinic or your family doctor.

  • Proof of Manufacturing for custom knee braces: This comes from the lab where we make your orthotics.

Ordering your Custom knee brace (For those with Extended Health)

You will need an appointment with one of our practitioners to begin the process. At this appointment the practitioner will complete the  assessment form and provide you with a note to bring to your doctor. At this appointment, you need to pay a deposit. You can make this payment via cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard or cheque.

If you want to submit the costs of  knee brace to your insurance, please read this page carefully, consult your insurance provider and us to avoid the chances of your claim being rejected. 

Dispensing your custom knee brace

You will need to schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners in order to receive your custom knee brace. This is to make sure they fit properly- they are custom made and molded so this is crucial! The practitioner will also tell you how to wear and care for your new orthotics. At this appointment you will pay the remaining half of the cost of the custom knee brace



  • Assessment

  • Biomechanical / Measurement

  • Imaging 



Manufacturing applies to 

special needs and custom made

knee braces 



Training and trial with 

help of one of our practitioners


Modification before or 

after 14 days trial. Depending on the case and usage

Clients with extended health are required to present a prescription with diagnosis from a medical doctor, specialist or surgent.


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