Shiatsu Therapy

The Healing Power of Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a therapeutic form of acupressure on meridians and trigger points.It also includes a range of  corrective exercises and stretches developed and made popular in Japan. Pressure is applied to the body using a practitioner’s thumb, palm, elbow, knee and feet. It is founded on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine based on the belief that energy moves through certain channels or meridians within the body. The aim of Shiatsu practitioners is to restore the balance of energy through meridians in order to promote health and to strengthen the body’s self-healing capabilities.

Shiatsu is best experienced as a full body massage


Shiatsu is excellent for general health maintenance and as a preventative therapy.

Conditions that may respond well to Shiatsu treatment include:

Back, neck and Shoulder pain


Digestive problems


Headaches and Migraine


Sports Injuries



Learn more about what to expect from a SHIATSU massage


A Shiatsu session usually comprises of an hour of hands-on bodywork.

Depending on the needs and preference of the client,the treatment can take place on a futon, a massage-like table or a chair.


Shiatsu, which generally entails full body work, is appropriate for all ages and body types. It is performed fully clothed, and as such, oil is not used.  

The practitioner begins the massage by applying gentle to deep pressure on all trigger points of the neck, back and legs of the client, whilst the client is in a prone, or face down position. The client is later changed to  a supine or face up position and treatment continues with leg stretches and more massaging. The same procedure applies to arms and elbows. Face massage is at the client’s discretion.

The session then continues with the client in side positions. In a side position, the practitioner will use stretches, joint mobilization and massages to treat the client, starting with the neck, shoulder, and inner arms before going all the way down to the legs.

During the session the client also receives foot massage and acupressure on relevant pressure points.

The practitioner may deploy heat pads, hot stones and aromatherapy to enhance treatment.

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Shiatsu 90 mins


Full body massage


Head to Toe


Full Body

Back, Neck and




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